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Flugsportclub Odenwald e.V. Walldürn
Flugsportclub Odenwald e.V. Walldürn

webcam helppage

You can only see nothing or a black box instead of the webcam picture?
Read this page, maybe the way to fix this is explained here.

The format of the picture is not standard.

The page "latest picture" uses an ActiveX Plugin, the "livestream" uses JAVA.

The ActiveX Plugin is based on Microsoft technology and should run on Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 5.5. If there are problems viewing the picture please read this page.

Livestream is using a JAVA Applet. This allows to see the stream on almost all browsers. The JAVA runtime has to be installed and activated:

In general the latest version of your browser is recomended to avoid problems.


Help for Internet Explorer:

When you are using an up-to-date Version of IE, but you can not see the picture the ActiveX plugin might be missing. Make sure your Internet Settings allows the installation and execution of ActiveX (Adding webcam.fsco.de to the list of trusted sites in the Internet Explorer Settings might help).

The plugin will be installed automatically if no other security settings or firewalls prevent this.

The livestream requires JAVA runtime. This should also be installed automatically if you are trying to see the livestream. Security settings can prevent this.


Help for other Browsers:

As the ActiveX Plugin is not supported from most browsers, we recommend to use the livestream. Installation should start automatically, if not prevented by other security systems.


We hope that it is now possible for you to see the picture. We are working on a version using an standard graphic format that will make these things very easy. If you have any problems by viewing the picture, do not hesitate to contact us: just go to our homepage and fill in the contact sheet.

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